Learning Android #01 – Why did I choose this platform for my project?

As usual, I’m trying to build something towards educational assets for youngsters (the project hasn’t been launched yet, still building an MVP, though). And I had to choose between building an MVP for Android or iOS since coding for both would take a tremendous amount of effort, which is the opposite when you’re trying to build an MVP.

So I’ve chosen Android as the goal for the main platform based on three numbers that I’ll show you below, I hope we can argue about what each means.

83.17% [1]

This is the percentage of the Android OS market share in Brazil at July/2017. I know most of them are not very avid users that are willing to pay a huge amount of money for an app but still, it’s a share you can’t ignore.


I have coded for iOS (or at least started learning) but Xcode was buggy back then, so I tried Android Studio on Ubuntu and its setup is really fast and testing the app on my own old phone was a plus.

16.2% [2]

This is the number of the Brazilian Population my project can effect, it’s an educational app aimed at high school students but realize that there is a shift in population that it’s really fast here as the age difference is not that much (moving from secondary to High School).

Oh… and I’m trying to build some part of it in Kotlin right now, I hope I can give a feedback soon about my usage of the language so far and if it’s been helpful or not.


https://www.statista.com/statistics/262167/market-share-held-by-mobile-operating-systems-in-brazil/ [1]

https://www.populationpyramid.net/pt/brasil/2017/ [2]

If you don’t know what an MVP is: [Link for MVP explanation]


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