First month using Dropwizard – An Overview

So, I’ve started working at In Loco, if you don’t have any idea what the company is about, you must know that is fucking awesome!. 

The scary part

Anyway, I started working there and the framework I use is dropwizard, a Java based framework that puts a lot of libraries together so you can build a fast and reliable REST API with ease.

At first, it was overwhelming to see all that lacking documentation, really, someone has to work on that! (probably I will try to do it, who knows?). Even though it is a simple framework it doesn’t mean we can’t have a session on its documentation that’s only a paragraph when it’s so essential if you want to improve your performance by 10x! (I really recommend you to read this post because it’s a piece of art, what an analysis, thanks for such great piece of work Nick Babcock.)

The great part

Of course, there is a reason I chose dropwizard and even though it has a lacking documentation, the documentation it possesses can help you a lot to set up a simple and useful REST API, and the projects hosted on GitHub as examples can aid you in setting up your own as I’ve done it myself.

Another great part that I found of it are the metrics, damn, these are so great but so great, they provide way for you to have everything so you can analyze your application behavior and how it’s responding to different periods of time, etc, if you want to know more about it, look into the module dropwizard-metrics.

And that’s it, I’ll explore in detail each module I’ve used in further posts, I’m looking forward to your company and review.

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