How will I reach there? Recommendations on Books

The place I want to reach is simple: money independent, learning as much as possible, living near a beach and meeting amazing people (Quora has been helping on that). So, I’ve figured out that I have to, first, become great myself.

So, if you know me a little, you know I’ve always tried to work with data and merge it with education and/or web. But there are so many other interesting subjects and stuff you’ve learned to get in there and just not that much of a time to do it. So, here is the key goals I’ve set to learn myself in order to improve a ton this semester:

  • Linear Algebra (yes, remember something is ok but really knowing from inside out is a whole different story and that’s the level I want to get.)
  • Statistics, basically finishing Open Intro completely so I also have a grasp of the basics and build stuff up from there
  • And learn android because, well, I want to raise money to invest in myself and the app arena seems far better on this aspect than the web (I know SaaS are great and stuff but I just can’t think of anything worth building that I can do myself and still produce value).

And these three are already in “execution mode”, even though I haven’t left the first chapter on linear algebra because to know all the aspects of a matrix is challenging enough.


My resources to learn linear algebra are: “Linear algebra and its applications” by Anton Rorres, simply put, it’s for me the best book out there. Of course, there are other great options but I’ll finish this book because it seems really great when I first used it (I think I’ve reached chapter 8).

On statistics, ooh, those vary a lot: it goes from books such as Open Intro to Statistics . Or other great videos on statistics, per example, Khan Academy Videos.

And Android has been a blown experience to me, I’ve never done anything so huge and solo in my life (yes, I’m building a simple app which I think will bring revenue and help people out as well), and the Google Resources on Android as well as StackOverflow have been of great help.

So there it is folks. As I’ve stated this blog will be somewhat more personal than before but as personal, as once was, I’m thinking about it becoming a great educational forum of discussions of ideas, math, proof, and knowledge. If you have any tips on how to achieve that, I’m all ears.



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