Getting back on my feet

I’ve not posted here on wordpress since the beginning of 2016, which is quite a lot since the world has changed too much.  Just a bunch of bullet points on my profissional life:

  • Entered and contributed on more than 300 commits  (I must admit, a 100 are useless modifications on minor ones, I wasn’t that great on building commits) on the OpenSource educational project Amadeus .
  • Began work on the Data Team (who could’ve imagined that! of a disruptive startup called In Loco.

For mysef, I’ve been learning Android and improving my analytical skills more and more, and my focus. Which has been since 2014 improving really well.

From now on, I’ll be sharing my experience (as I had in the past) on becoming a great computer scientist, data analysts and which challenges I face. The blog from now on will have posts tagged correctly and both in Portuguese and English.

I hope you guys find it valuable and resourceful to read my posts, best regards, Bormann.

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