Learning Data Science – Episode 1 – What am I trying?

So, here is my new(and first one) series “learning data science” and it’s all about me, felipe bormann, an undergraduate student on his first year of University, trying to learn a new field which no ones has interest on it (in my University, if it wasn’t relevant nowadays I wouldn’t even hear about it in the first place).

So, I’m doing a course in my University called “Support Decision Systems and Data Mining” (Free translation) and I’ll tell you all the challenges I face through it. And I’m inviting you, from a proper/or not data scientist to a high school student interested on the topic, to help me out with resources or learn form the ones I post here.

I’d appreciate if I could find someone to cooperate on this learning proccess, I hope you find my resources and stuff really useful.

And the first one is: visit http://www.kdnuggets.com , see you all.

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